A Black Cat with a PumpkinWe mention these safety tips every year but we think they are worth repeating!

6 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe This Halloween:

1. Keep your pets indoors on Halloween. Many people think Halloween is a free for all when it comes to mischief. Don’t let your beloved pet become the target of their antics.

2. Keep your pets away from costumed people. Even if your pet knows the person, a costume or mask might scare your pet. You don’t want to deal with a pet attacking a trick-or-treater on Halloween.

3. Look out for candles in pumpkins! Keep lit pumpkins out of  tail swishing area, and away from curious kitties. This is a huge fire accident waiting to happen! Just think about what one rambunctious dog could do if they knocked over a pumpkin with a candle in it.

4. Be aware of how your animal reacts when dressing them up. Remember that it’s not normal for them to be wearing costumes so it may cause them to be agitated. Make sure that costumes aren’t too tight, too warm, and don’t cover their eyes or nose. If you pet isn’t comfortable wearing a costume, don’t force them!

5. Whether you’re having a party or just trick-or-treaters, keep your pets in a room where they won’t be disturbed, or at the front door constantly.

6. Be careful with those chocolate and alcoholic human treats. Keep candy off of the floor, out of the way, and throw away wrappers.

Remember, your pets are depending on you to keep them safe from the goblins and ghouls that come out on Halloween.