Christmas is slowly getting closer. I am always looking for new and fun presents to get my devoted companions. Here are my top three gifts for cats and dogs!

Top 3 Cat Gifts

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Cat Crib – This great hammock latches under your chairs to create a hideaway for your feline buddy. The best part is that it is out of the way! Since it stays underneath your chair you won’t have to worry about tripping over a sleeping kitty. Because the hammock attaches with hook and loop straps you won’t have to damage your furniture! Your kitty will love the comfort and support. If you have more than one cat you might have to purchase several (maybe even more chairs!) You can order your Cat Crib online from


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KittyBlock – Cats love scratching! They need a good post so that your couch is protected. Enter the Kitty Block. Both a scratching post and a hiding spot. the Kitty Block is a dual purpose item! This will surely be the new cat headquarters in your house. At least when food isn’t around! For encouraging your cat to use the Kitty Block you could add catnip or their favorite treat! These fun blocks have also been used and enjoyed by rabbits. You can order a KittyBlock  from




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Cat-Man-Doo – So with a place to sleep and a place to scratch what does your kitty need now? Something to snack on, of course! Cat-Man-Doo is a yummy fish treat for your kitty. These dried bonito flakes are extra stinky and extra delicious. My cats go nuts for them. I’ve had to hide the package several times to keep them from stealing! Dogs also enjoy these tasty bites, so you might have some trouble from your canine friends as well. The best thing about Cat-Man-Doo is that it has no additives or preservatives. Just fish! You can find these treats at or at your local independent pet store.




Top 3 Dog Gifts

Dog Puzzle Toys – Dogs have a lot more skill and brain power than I think many of us give them credit for! They can often figure out tasks and we don’t know how they did it! A good way to keep their brains busy and out of trouble is to offer them puzzle toys. They come in many different forms and styles. There are plush, plastic, and even wooden varieties available. They come in varying level of difficulties. If you have a motivated cat they can join in the fun. You can find puzzle toys online and at your local pet store.


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Festive Collars – My dog isn’t a fan of wearing clothing. For a long time he wasn’t even a fan of his collar, but now he wears his collars with dog pride. A new collar might be the perfect gift for your pooch. There are plenty of small businesses dedicated to making highi quality dog collars. Find you at your local independent pet store! The festive plaid collar pictured here is from Coley’s Collars.

Yummy treats – One of my favorite things to give my dog is a special treat. Not just your regular old biscuit, but a special treat or bone. Since there are so many different types of  treats and dogs like different things I won’t recommend a specific treat, but you might consider taking the time to make your canine friend something homemade! I love the recipes from Doggy Dessert Chef. And while your making treats for your dog maybe there will be extras to donate to your local shelter!


There are lots of great gifts out there for your pets. Kato already got his puzzle toy (pictured above) and has been happily playing with it for the past week. What are you giving your pet this Christmas?