Two dogs under the tree.Thanksgiving has passed, but the hazards haven’t. Christmas time brings a new set of hazards to watch out for. Trees and lights are up. There are presents and shiny decorations everywhere. Sweet smells are coming from the kitchen. Guests bring lovely treats in and maybe even more presents. Pets are very good at getting into things on a regular day, but during the holidays there is so much more to examine!

  • Keep your pets safe by keeping shiny and curiosity inducing items out of reach! This will keep your presents and decorations safe, and your pet out of trouble.
  • Cats love tinsel but tinsel doesn’t love cats. You don’t want your feline eating it. A trip to the emergency vet might be in your future if your pet consumes this festive decoration.
  • Dogs use their noses to find tasty treats. Candy, alcohol, grapes, and artificial sweeteners are harmful if ingested.
  • Hot oil candles leave your home smelling lovely, but a kitty paw or dog nose can be seriously burned if they are knocked over.
  • Broken ornaments are sharp and will cut soft paw pads and noses! Use unbreakable ornaments or cleanup any broken pieces as soon as they are spotted.

It is fun to share the holidays with every member of your family. Make sure to do it safely!