Kato and Allie playing outsideIf you are blessed with a very active dog like I am, then you are probably excited about the fall weather! Kato loves being outside, and now that it has cooled off he is getting antsy when he is inside for too long. Keeping him entertained is a little tricky. Regular walks don’t cut the mustard! They are okay for most days but sometimes we need to do a special activity. I complied a list of five activities you can do to enjoy the season.

1. Nature hike – When you go don’t be in a rush, your dog is going to want to sniff everything. Here in Dallas there are plenty of trails of varying difficulty and popularity. If you have a dog that is anxious maybe the busy bike trail isn’t for you. Try a nature preserve or go during off times. If you are new to hiking, go over-prepared!  Once you’ve done a few trails you’ll know what you need to have on your person and what can stay in your car. Eventually your dog can carry his own supplies in a dog backpack.

2. “Tail”gate Parties – I live in a football town, and am a big fan of the game. Fall is a great time for sports and sports parties. If you throw a party ask your guests to bring their well mannered dogs. Or if you are invited see if your dog can join you. I recommend this for smaller parties, don’t take your dog to a party with 100s of people! If a few friends are getting together to watch the game then your pup might be able to join you. Keep in mind that some dogs are not okay with strange dogs coming into their territory, so make sure the dogs know each other and get along first.

3. Tour of Parks – When I first got Kato we had our preferred park where we would walk, but we had to go to lots of parks to find the ideal. There are so many great parks here in Dallas that we could probably go to a new one each weekend for a year! Make a list of the parks in your area and visit a new one each weekend. You could even rank each park on amenities, landscaping, etc. Maybe you’ll find a new place to hang out and make new friends!

4. Festivals– Fall is the season of festivals. A lot of the city festivals are pooch friendly! If your dog is great in crowds, and doesn’t mind some attention, take him with you! Be aware of your dog while you are there, if it is a warmer day there is still a risk of over heating. If you are unsure how your dog would react, take him to a small festival first. Don’t take them to a large festival if they aren’t ready. And always leave before the fireworks!

5. Local sports – I live across from a city park with baseball and football fields. There is always a game or practice going on! Local youth sports can be fun to watch, and a good reason to get out of the house with your dog. Your dog has to be comfortable with children, and lots of attention. A few regional sports teams have “Dog Days” during their season. If your dog is comfortable around LOTS of dogs then that might be an option.

With all of these ideas you need to know your dog!