Keeping your dog cool this summer

Keeping your dog cool this summer

As the temperatures continue to soar, you might be looking for some additional ways to keep your dog cool this summer.  We found some interesting products that were designed specifically to help keep your dog cool! Read on to learn more.

Cool Bed III This bed is covered in denier­­ nylon with an air adjustment valve.  It will be smooth and cool from edge to edge.  Fill it with water and it will be cozy and cool.

Gel Pet Mats This mat can be used alone or placed on top of any pet bed.  It comes in multiple sizes, is puncture resistant and the gel inside is non-toxic to your dog.  This bed will help draw the heat out of your pets body.  No need to freeze or refrigerate these mats.

Cooling Bandana This bandana is filled with non-toxic polymer crystals.  Just soak this bandana in water and it’s ready to be used.    It cools your dog as water evaporates from the bandana. The cooling bandana is reusable and hand washable.

Cage and Crate Fan This cooling fan helps your dog cool off while in his crate.  This is especially helpful if you’re crate training or simply traveling with your dog.  It attaches to the bars of  any size crate.  It is quiet and provides up to 100 hours of cooling relaxation.

Handi-Drink Pet Water Bottle Water is a must for long walks and playtime at the park.  This combination water bottle/drinking bowl is convenient and purposeful.  The bowl attaches to the water bottle and includes a belt clip and carry strip for ease of carrying.

Outward Hound Shade Shelter This shade shelter will keep your dog out of the sun whether you are in your own back yard, at the beach or on a camping trip.  It’s complete with windows for ventilation and made with a waterproof bottom so your dog stays dry.  It folds up so you can easily transport it in the handy bag that it comes with.