Long haired dog in leaves

Thanksgiving day…a time when the kitchen is full of wonderful smells as the traditional Thanksgiving meal is prepared. It is hard for us humans to stay out of the kitchen when the tempting smells of the turkey and all the trimmings reach our noses.  Have you thought what it is like for the dog or cat with their heightened sense of smell?

As pet owners it is our role to protect our pets from harm so this Thanksgiving remember to take precautions when preparing the Thanksgiving meal.

  1. Keep your pets out of the kitchen when you are not able to supervise them.
  2. Make sure food is not left out on counters to cool unless someone is supervising the pets.
  3. Cooked bones from turkeys, chicken, pork, fish and beef ribs can puncture your pet’s throat, stomach or intestines.
  4. Remember chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine which can cause serious problems for your pets. Keep all alcohol away from your pet!
  5. Rich fatty food can cause pancreatitis, which is very painful. This may require extensive care (hospitalization) and could cause death.
  6. No Bread Dough! Pets that consume raw bread dough can get into a serious condition because the pet’s body heat causes the dough to rise in the stomach which, as it expands, may cause the pet to vomit and have severe abdominal pain along with bloating. This could become a life threatening emergency requiring surgery.
  7. Many of the herbs used to make our Thanksgiving dinner tasty can cause gastrointestinal upset and affect the central nervous system if eaten in large quantities.
  8. If your pet is not used to eating a bite from the table, Thanksgiving is not the time to start. If you treat from the table it could lead to indigestion, upset tummies and loose stools.
  9. Take out the trash frequently. This would keep your pet(s) from being able to get bones and food that is spoiled.   
  10. Be careful where you place burning candles as swinging tails or wayward paws can knock them over. Do not leave candles burning in one room while you are in another room.

If you want to treat your pet for Thanksgiving buy them a favorite dog or cat treat and a new toy to keep them occupied while all the cooking and festivities are happening. They will be happy and healthy so you can enjoy the day of Thanksgiving!