Pet Ready Key Program

Please have three (3) keys to the entrance we are to use, tested and ready to be picked up at the time of the consultation/registration. Your two pet care providers retain a key to enable us to be  ready when you need us and one key for the office in case of emergency.

Guardian Pet Sitters® Pet Ready Key Program requires three keys during an assignment. A key for each pet care provider and one is for the office. This ensures that if an emergency arises with a pet care provider, another qualified pet provider will be able to continue caring for your pet(s) without difficulty. Keys are coded and kept in a safe place.

By using the Guardian Pet Sitters® Pet Ready Key Program, keys can be retained by the pet care provider and the office allowing all future service to be handled by phone. We do not allow clients to hide keys and we do not lock keys in the house on the last visit. Our satisfied clients enjoy knowing that if an emergency occurs (a last minute trip or late night at the office) we can step in quickly and provide care for their pet(s).

If you prefer not to use our safe key service, a pickup/drop off key charge will be added to your next service charge.
Please note we do not accept garage door openers in lieu of keys. If there was a power outage we would not be able to get into the house and take care of your precious pets.

You must participate in the Pet Ready Key Program if you are enrolled in the “Peace of Mind” program!