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Friends and Pet Resources of Guardian Pet Sitter


Lost Pet Specialist

Bonnie Hale


Pam Gibson

Pawsh Pets


The TShirt Guys

Stan Maddox 


Dr. Strammel


SPAN – Seniors Pets Assistance Network


Dr. Karen Becker


Planet Paws  Rodney Habib


Dog Naturally Magazine




Dr. Jean Dodds


Dr. Marty Becker


Steve Dale


The Colony Animal Shelter


Lone Star Labrador Rescue

Patty Castleberry


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Here are the two in home euthanasia vets and two non-pet businesses Dr. McCord  Dr. Westbrook (he keeps our computers running!)


Align Chiropractic/Acupuncture (he keeps me running!)


Also Diane Weatherford is a Counselor for Pet Hospice and Bereavement  she uses the and her phone number is 972-613-1886