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September 2017 Newsletter – Click Here

  • Keeping Your Cat Happy Indoors
  • Five Back to School Tips for Dogs
  • Funny Bunny Video – Click Here
  • Litter Boxes
  • List of Rodents that Make Good Pets
  • Dr. Becker Discusses Urgent Brain Function Alert for Beloved Pets – Click here


July 2017 Newsletter – Click Here

  • Can Your Dog Swim? Why Some Breeds Can’t Swim!
  • Is Your Car a Death Trap?
  • Summer Heat and Pets! If You Love Your Dog, Either Leave Them at Home or DON’T Leave in the Car.
  • Heatstroke and How to Prevent it!
  • Small Animal Nutrition
  • Dr. Becker and Dr. Robb Discuss Over-Vaccination of Pets

June 2017 Newsletter – Click Here

  • July 4th Pet Safety Tips
  • Your Cat is Far More Trainable Than You Think – Here’s Proof
  • We Should Follow Summer Heat Safety Rules For Our Furry Family Members Video – Click Here
  • Pet Owners be Prepared this July 4th


May 2017 Newsletter – Click Here

  • Is Your Pets Itching and Scratching from Seasonal Allergies? Here is how to tell..
  • Study Finds The Cats Love Interacting with Humans!
  • 20 Spring Dangers for Your Pets
  • Does your furry friend have a unique talent? – Click Here  &   Click Here
  • Tips on Owning High Energy Cats

April 2017 Newsletter – Click Here

  • You Probably Do This for Yourself but Ignore it for Your Pet
  • Do you feed your pet canned pet food?
  • Nose twitching and long ears flopping, Lucas bounces from room to room like a kid hopped up on sugar, but like most other bunnies, he prefers strawberries and lettuce – Click Here
  • Quick and simple ways to relieve dog boredom
  • Yes, Cats Need Exercise
  • Cat Alarm Clock –  Click Here

March 2017 Newsletter – Click Here

  • How to Keep Your Pets Safe this St. Patrick’s Day
  • Do you know a senior who needs help taking care of their pet? Seniors Pets Assistance Network (SPAN) may be an answer.
  • Leptospirosis in Dogs
  • When Your Time is Limited, Learn How to Exercise Your Dog.
  • 10 Tips for New Cat Owners
  • Does Your Lizard Like Attention? – Click Here

February 2017 Newsletter – Click Here

  • Valentine’s Day Do’s and Don’ts for Pet Lovers
  • The Love of Animals  – Click Here
  • Does Your Cat Make You Laugh? – Click Here
  • Fridge Foods
  • 9 Positive Ways to Encourage Your Cat to be Active
  • Easy and Quick Homemade Dog Food Recipe – Click Here

January 2017 Newsletter – Click Here

  • 6 Creative Ways to Transform Your Cat into an Athlete
  • Cats & Boxes Video – Click Here
  • This Winter After our Walks Please Wipe my Paws
  • Thinking About Owning a Bird?
  • 13 Awesome Bird Videos – Click Here
  • The Government Retracts the Retractable Leash
  • Walking Your Dog: How to Do it Well & Why is it So Important?
  • Easy and Quick Homemade Dog Food  Recipe – Click Here

December 2016 Newsletter – Click Here

  • Tips for Dealing with Holiday Stress – for You and Your Pet
  • 5 Holiday Hazards
  • Hyperthyroidism in Cats
  • 10 Fun Ways to Exercise Your Dog
  • Why Exercise is Important to the Health of Your Cat
  • Bringing in a New Pet During the Holidays – Pros and Cons
  • You are going to LOVE this video! ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ – Click Here
  • Video: Chrissie Christmas Wish & Thank You – Click Here

November 2016 Newsletter – Click Here

  • November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month
  • 5 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet
  • Could Neutering Be the Cause of Your Dog’s Health and/or Behavior Problems? – Dr. Karen Becker
  • Cats & Dogs Need Exercise
  • Can I get a dog? Or a hamster? Or a boa constrictor?
  • National Month of Pet Diabetes
  • Video: Diabetes – Click Here
  • Video: Dr. Becker & Dr. Valente talk about spaying and neutering  – Click Here
  • Video: Chrissie Wishes Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving – Click Here

October 2016 Newsletter – Click Here

  • The Perfect Bowel-Soothing Food for GI Upsets and Diarrhea
  • Healthy Pumpkin Dog Treats
  • Do You Want to Add a Pet Bird To Your Family?
  • Halloween Safety Tips for You & Your Pets!
  • Create Fun and Nutritious Meals for Your Beloved Pets – Right in Your Own Kitchen
  • Article & Video: Why Veterinarians & Pet Owners Don’t See Eye to Eye – Rodney Habib – Click Here
  • Video: Birds of a Feather: Parrot Segment from CBS Saturday morning – Click Here

September 2016 Newsletter – Click Here

  • Why Exercise is Important to The Health of Your Cat
  • Can Pets Have Allergies? – Dr. Karen Becker
  • Is Your Family Ready for a Pet Bird?
  • The Difference Between Holistic and Conventional Pet Care
  • Does Your Pet Have The Back To School Blues?
  • Video: The Oldest Pets in the World – Click Here
  • Video: Dr. Karen Becker Allergies – Click Here

May 2016 Newsletter – Click Here

  • Raw Versus Cooked Food
  • Keeping Your Dog Safe in a Heat Wave
  • GI Gut Solutions – Dr. Karen Becker
  • Does your furry family member have a unique talent?
  • Frustrated with Ear Issues?
  • Video: Corgi plays hide and seek – Click Here
  • Video: Bird sings to Dog during Lunch – Click Here
  • Video: GI Gut Solutions – Click Here

April 2016 Newsletter – Click Here

  • Zika Virus and our Pets
  • Allergies in our Pets
  • The Quality of Pet Food Ingredients
  • How to Choose the Right Pet Food
  • We Know You Will Enjoy the Cute and Funny Pet Videos
  • Strange Eating Habits in Cats. Why Do They Do That?
  • Video: Lizard Greets Man Like a Dog – Click Here
  • Video: Great Horned Owl Snuggling – Click Here
  • Video: The Quality of Pet Food Ingredients – Click Here

March 2016 Newsletter – Click Here

  • National Poison Prevention Week
  • What is all the Hipe with Coconut Oil?
  • Holistic Dog Training
  • Funny Dog and Cat Video Compilations
  • 5 Reasons Why Dogs Eat Dirt

February 2016 Newsletter – Click Here

  • Pet Dental Month
  • Responsible Pet Owners Month
  • Zika Virus
  • Bobcats and Pet Safety Alert
  • What is Xylitol?

January 2016 Newsletter – Click Here

  • National Walk Your Pet Month
  • 5 Pet-Conscious Tips for Valentine’s Day
  • Change a Pet’s Life Day!

December 2015 Newsletter – Click Here

  • 5 Holiday Hazards
  • 5 Reasons NOT to Give a Pet as a Christmas Gift
  • Video: ‘Joy To The World’ by: Pentatonix – Click Here

November 2015 Newsletter – Click Here

  • November is Pet Diabetes Awareness Month
  • Breed of the month – Burmese
  • Hyperthyroidism in Cats
  • Xylitol is Poison to our Dogs
  • Bad Breath in Cats & Dogs

Thanksgiving Foodies Newsletter – Click Here

  • 5 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe on Thanksgiving
  • The Perfect Time for Giving
  • Society for Companion Animals – Operation Transport
  • SPAN – Senior Pet Assistance Network

August 2015 Newsletter – Click Here

  • Hyperthyroidism Disease in Cats
  • Breed of the Month – Labrador Retriever

July 2015 Newsletter – Click Here

  • National Lost Pet Prevention Month
  • Summer and Dog’s Overheating
  • Pet Fire Safety
  • Breed of the Month – Tonkinese – ‘The Tonk’

June 2015 Newsletter – Click Here

  • Dog Days of Summer
  • June is Adopt a Cat Month
  • June is Pet Preparedness Month
  • Does Your Cat Have Seizures?
  • Should You Shave Your Dog?
  • Breed of the Month – Walker Coonhound

May 2015 Newsletter – Click Here

  • FDA Flurbiporfen Warning
  • National Dog Bite Week
  • Children & Dogs
  • Xylitol is Poison to our Dogs
  • Dog Solutions for Allergies
  • Pet Cancer Awareness Month
  • Breed of the month – Main Coon Cats
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Tea Body Rinse

March 2015 Newsletter – Click Here

  • Do You Know What is Poisonous to Your Pet?
  • Breed of the month – Dachshund
  • How Does Your Dog Communicate with You?

February 2015 Newsletter – Click Here

  • Understanding Your Dogs Nutrition Needs
  • Breed of the Month – Ragdoll Cats
  • Signs of Dental Problems with Your Pets are:
  • Video: Chrissie Valentine Message – Click Here

November 2014 Newsletter – Click Here

  • Pumpkins and your Pets
  • Tips to Keeping Your Pet Safe This Thanksgiving

October 2014 Newsletter – Click Here

  • Adopt a Shelter Dog
  • Preparing for a Puppy
  • Fall Safety Tips
  • Pumpkins and their Seeds
  • Caring for your Senior Pet

September 2014 Newsletter – Click Here

  • Disaster Preparedness Month
  • Homemade Treats for Your Dog
  • Happy Cat Month is Here!
  • Nicotine Poisoning is on the Rise!

August 2014 Newsletter – Click Here

  • What is SPAN?
  • Back to School for Fido!
  • Dog Bite Prevention Begins with You!
  • Will You Be Prepared When Disaster Strikes?

July 2014 Newsletter – Click Here

  • Is Your Car a Death Trap?
  • Signs of Heat Stroke
  • Does Your Dog Need Help Cooling Down?

May 2014 Newsletter – Click Here

  • Spring Dangers and Your Dog
  • May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month
  • National Dog Bite Prevention Week

May Storms Wildlife Newsletter – Click Here

  • Hot in that Car!
  • What do you do if you find wildlife?
  • Tornado Myths!

May 2013 Newsletter – Click Here

  • What Do You Do if?
  • Heat Stroke Signs

March 2013 Newsletter – Click Here

  • Happy Spring!
  • Two Hours that can Save a Life
  • Is Your Pet Microchipped?
  • Easter is Hopping Closer!