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People Foods That No Pet Should Eat

There are many types of food that we humans enjoy eating that can be harmful, or even toxic, to your pet. You should certainly be aware of them and avoid giving them to your pet, and don’t let anyone else feed them to your pet. Some things like alcohol, for example, are obvious. You should […]

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Peanut butter artificially sweetened with Xylitol is dangerous for your dog

Xylitol is Dangerous Xylitol is a sugar alcohol widely used as an artificial sweetener in many foods, especially those types aimed at diabetics. It occurs naturally in fruit and vegetable fibers. However, industrial production often extracts the substance from hardwoods, such as birch. The effect of Xylitol on humans appears to be largely benign, but […]

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Can pets have allergies?

Allergies The short answer to this question is yes, your cat or dog can certainly have allergies and will need to be treated for them. Most other common pets can have allergies too, of course, and most of the time they are harmless, though probably quite irritating for the pet concerned. Allergies are caused by […]

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