Dallas, Texas area pet sitting business owner, Sharon Jones

Hello, I am Sharon Jones, owner and founder of Guardian Pet Sitters®.

My love of animals was evident from all the pets that shared our family’s home. This included dogs, cats, rabbits, fish and many others. Our family always treated our pets as part of the family. It was this love of animals that gave rise to Guardian Pet Sitters® in the early 90s.

Before Guardian Pet Sitters®, traveling for my corporate job, for pleasure or to visit family left me with the dilemma of what to do with my best friend, Precious, a feisty Shih Tzu. I found leaving her at home was the ideal solution for her! Precious wanted to sleep in her own bed, eat in her usual spot and keep to her normal routine. We all want what is best for our pets! It was “Precious” who gave me the idea to start the business.  Not far behind Precious was the little dainty princess Classi, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. When she was very young she had medical problems. Torn between caring for Classi and having to be at work, everyday was a challenge.  Not having the option of in-home pet sitting Classi was taken to the veterinarian each morning and picked up each afternoon. Not the ideal solution as it created stress for Classi being taken from her home and stress for me getting her to the veterinarian clinic and picked up around my work schedule. I want to help other pet owners give their pets the same care and love as I wanted for mine.

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